Vertical Launches New Website!

Written by: agmedica

November 19, 2021

Out with the old, in with the new

2021 has been a fast and exciting year here at Vertical. With the success of the signature cultivar, Cold Creek Kush, and the lineup’s latest addition, Strawberry Cake, it was time for the Vertical Website to receive a much-needed overhaul.

New Features

What’s in our Cultivars

We’re excited about this brand new section of the website that allows Vertical Customers to look each product up by Cultivar and individual lot-# to see exactly what the stats are in their product. Exact THC, CBD, Terpene content and up to 6 top-terpenes with percentages are listed for each individual lot. We’re so proud of the incredible quality in these products and want customers to be able to access this information and truly enjoy getting elevated with Vertical.


Every inch of this website has been carefully crafted to represent the Vertical brand. With a simple black background and powerful wide-screen images, we wanted to bring visitors even closer to our high-quality products.

Where to buy

We’ve added a new page to locate nearby retailers that are currently serving up Vertical’s products. Each store has its own inventory, so please make to sure to contact retailers directly to find out if they’re caring the exact product, format and quantity you’re looking for. An interactive function is being developed right now to make this page even better, check back soon to test it out yourself.

News & Updates

A brand new blog and news section has been created for us to publish are product updates, milestones and news! If you’re reading this article, that means you’ve found the news section. We’ll be adding more and more content here on a weekly basis, so please come back dig into some of our great articles and stories.

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