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vertical logo
vertical logo

Vertical brand

offers a truly Canadian basket of cannabis products.

As our name implies, Vertical is all about the ascent – the personal experience we as individuals strive for in a new world.

Today, we are given new ways of looking at things, new ways of interacting, novel ways of sharing - while also seeing the freedoms and responsibilities that come with the cannabis plant and all of its wonders.

Vertical is here, straight up, no-nonsense, the fresh outdoors and in tune to what matters to you most.

Vertical, your choice, your way.

Vertical Products

Now Vertical recreational products are available online.

Longwoods Leaf

Longwoods Leaf has higher THC content at approximately 15% as well as sour kush and berry notes. Longwoods Leaf is an I



$14.00 /g


Shishkaberry is a hybrid strain with a mid-range THC potency with a piney, spicy taste, and berry aromas.

THC12 - 20%


$14.00 /g

Richmond Run

Richmond Run is an Indica-Dominant hybrid with moderately high levels of THC. This strain has notes of berry and diesel



$14.00 /g

Crow Song

Crow Song is an Indica-Dominant hybrid with Earthy notes and hints of berry and grape flavour. Crow Song has a high THC



$14.00 /g

Cold Creek Kush

Cold Creek Kush is an Indica-dominant strain with high THC content and an herbal, earthy, piney and woodsy taste.

THC15 - 25%


$14.00 /g

Heritage Haze

Heritage Haze has floral and fruity notes, with diesel and sour kush. Fruity taste characterizes this Indica-Dominant h



$14.00 /g

Zeus Purify Cleaning Kit

The ZEUS Purify Cleaning Kit contains all the supplies you need to keep your vaporizer and its components clean and fres


Zeus Bolt 2 Grinder

The ZEUS Bolt grinder is made of Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum and features diamond cut teeth that are calibrated to


SafeLock MedBox

Introducing the SaferLock Medication Box, designed to keep your medication secure. Comes with a 4-digit locking cap to h


Quant Vaporizer

The Quant Vape is elegant and sleek, but also functional. Easy to use, with an attractive white LED screen, the Quant va


LITL 1 Vaporizer

The LITL One vaporizer is a very simple and straight forward budget vaporizer that offers users one temperature setting,


Utillian 421 Vaporizer

The Utillian 421 vaporizer is a follow up to the best-selling budget vaporizer, the Utillian 420. The Utillian 421 impro


Cold Creek Kush 0.5 gram Pack of 5 Pre-Rolls

Vertical’s Cold Creek Kush 0.5-gram Pre-Roll also comes in a 5-Pack.  Boasting one of our higher THC profiles, this prem

$37.99 /unit

Balanced Cannabis Oil Drops

Vertical’s Balanced Cannabis Drops are an oil-based extract cannabis product made from high quality cannabis strains gro


Got Questions?

Please call our Toll Free Number:


Phone lines will be answered Monday-Friday between 8am and 5pm EST or you can email us at info@verticalcannabis.ca

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